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Want to grow your small business?

GWIG is the leading Digital Referral Solution worldwide, helping small businesses grow.

What Is GWIG? How Does It Work?

  • GWIG is a customizable App for your business
  • Your happy customers refer you by sending your digital business card to friends and family needing your service
  • GWIG allows you to evaluate your internal and external marketing using the GWIG subscriber dashboard
  • The subscriber dashboard tracks referral metrics and helps power your loyalty program to drive new business growth

Features and Benefits

  • Real time customer referral analytics
  • Engage with new customers being referred
  • Recognize, thank, and reward existing customers in real time

Cool Idea! What Does It Cost?

  • GWIG built 50+ million digital business cards using GOOGLE Places Profiles
  • Each subscription can be 1 or 100+ profiles
1 Profile
$49.00 per month (billed annually)
2-5 Profiles
$98.00 per month (billed annually)
5+ Profiles
Contact us for enterprise pricing at info@gwig.com

So How Do I Implement GWIG In My Business?

We have taken the work out of launching GWIG for you. At GWIG, we know great ideas are worthless and implementation is everything. Your subscription includes:

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