Owner Spotlight: Charlie Turner, chief executive officer

Dr. Charles J. Turner is an optometrist with experience in start-up operations and challenges, having opened a successful business in 2007 that continues strong growth in Charleston, S.C. As a small business owner, Charlie was frustrated by the lack of technology that would allow him to capitalize on word-of-mouth referrals. Charlie started studying the referral process in an effort to reduce the friction associated with word-of-mouth referrals. Because he is a thought leader in his industry, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc. (JJVCI) recruited Charlie in 2010 to join their Professional Affairs Consulting team. This doctor-to-doctor team provided clinical, scientific and practice management, and promotional insights nationally with the support of JJVCI. Charlie is a contributor to several national publications focusing on the business of eye care. Charlie has resigned from JJVCI and is taking an extended leave of absence from his small business in Charleston to devote 100 percent of his energies to GWIG.

Owner Spotlight: Chris Cooper, chief operating officer

Dr. Chris H. Cooper is an optometrist with a strong background in both private and public companies. He is the senior managing partner of a multi-location practice in Memphis, Tenn., with six optometrists and two ophthalmologists. In 2005 Chris started and managed, the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc. Professional Affairs Consultants doctor-to-doctor team. Chris worked with cross-functional teams of regulatory, medical affairs, sales and marketing staff to align the strategic deployment of a 20-doctor team to provide clinical, scientific and practice management insights linked to Acuvue® Brand Contact Lenses. Because he is a successful clinician and business owner, Chris was recruited in 2009 to become a program director at the Vision Care Institute in Jacksonville, Fla. Chris led interactive programs for doctors and student doctors from across the country, focusing on practice management, compelling communications and patient care. As a thought leader and effective communicator, Chris worked four years as a consultant in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Additionally, Chris sits on the editorial and advisory boards of national eye care publications, as well as those for a surgery center. Chris, too, has resigned from outside interests to focus his efforts on the success of GWIG.