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Customer loyalty is an invaluable component of running a business. Many businesses think that the customer interaction ends when the sale is complete or when the customer has walked out the door, but (if you play your cards right), that’s actually just the beginning! Studies show that the cost of keeping an existing customer is 10% of what it costs to gain a new customer. As a bonus, satisfied customers are much more likely to recommend you to friends and help you increase your customer base.

So how do you encourage customer loyalty? Here are 5 tips:

  1. Offer great customer service and go above and beyond what your competitors are offering. Set yourself apart and make sure you’re offering the highest level of service possible for your customers.
  2. Employ empathetic and enthusiastic staff who will engage with customers and get them excited about doing business with you.
  3. Listen to what your customers have to say and use their feedback as an opportunity to improve.
  4. Reward loyalty by incentivizing return visits. This can be through coupons, loyalty punch cards, special prices, VIP bonuses, or simply a hand-written thank you note.
  5. Be realistic about what you can offer. Don’t promise customers the world if you can’t follow through. Be transparent and genuine with your customers and they will respond in kind.

What do you do to encourage customer retention? Learn more about how you can use GWIG’s referral app to track and reward your most valuable customers.

Many small business owners believe that the success of their business lives and dies with their rating on review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor. But we’re here to tell you that you can have a very successful business, full of new and loyal customers, without having to worry about how many stars or reviews you have online.

Review Sites Are About Strangers

Review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor survive on feedback from strangers on the Internet. Yelp itself has admitted to problems in the past of competitors and business owners themselves trying to game the system and skew ratings one way or the other. Their review-filtering system is supposed to cut down on these instances, but can also cut into your actual reviews, resulting in a skewed result anyway (even though that was the very thing they were trying to avoid). People tend to read these reviews with a grain of salt because they don’t have inherent trust built up for the people on these sites offering their opinions.

Providing Good Service

If you’re providing a quality product, paired with excellent customer service, then you’re already giving your customers exactly what they’re looking for. Happy customers mean happy results. They might leave and write 5-star reviews about you on the internet, but they’re also way more likely to spread the word about the great experience they had with you to their friends and family—a sentiment that’s even more valuable to your bottom line.

Incentivize Loyalty

Loyal customers are more valuable to your business because they become brand advocates and will return to you over and over again. Reward and incentivize loyalty by offering thank you cards, treats, and coupons for customers that return often or refer friends to your business.

Review sites can be great for helping you identify problem areas that need to be improved, but you should focus more on turning new customers into loyal customers and the rest will fall into place. Learn more about GWIG’s referral and customer management app and how it can help you grow your business quickly and easily.

2016 is almost here, and you should treat the New Year as an opportunity to shake things up in regards to your referral strategy. Don’t make the same mistakes you made in 2015! Start now and you’ll see great results all through the year.

Here are 5 marketing resolutions you should commit to in 2016:

Capitalize on What Works

Take a good hard look at your marketing strategy from the last year. What were the most successful campaigns you ran and referral strategies you implemented? Make a note to repeat those efforts in 2016 so that you can try and repeat the benefits without having to double your work.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Not every idea is going to work out. Take a hard look at some of the campaigns you ran that were less than successful: what factors do they have in common? How can you evolve your strategy to try and reach your target audience? What can you do better in the future? Failure can be just as important and educational as success.


The best thing you can do for your referral strategy: sign up with GWIG! GWIG turns your loyal customers into your marketing street team. When your customers love you, they’ll want to share that love with all of their friends. GWIG makes it easier for you to measure and incentivize your referral program.

What marketing strategies does 2016 have in store for your business?

Marketing is an essential part of business to help increase brand recognition and drive more customers to your business. According to The Word of Mouth Marketing Association, there are approximately 2.4 billion brand-related conversations happening in the United States every day. Referral marketing helps you tap into those conversations and get people talking about your brand.

Think about the last time you had a really great experience at a restaurant, hair salon, or dentist. Remember how you felt walking out the door. We bet you probably told a couple of your friends about your experience and encouraged them to try it so that they could have the same experience as you. Referral marketing helps increase the number of times people talk about you to their friends and family to get more customers walking in the door who already have a positive impression of your brand.

Referral marketing can be achieved by :

  • Starting an incentivized referral program
  • Asking people to refer your business to friends
  • Adding a “who referred you” line to your forms

The best way to get a positive referral is to offer extraordinary customer service. Remember the old adage “treat others the way you wish to be treated;” this works in life and in referral marketing. Give people a reason to talk about you in a positive way and watch your business grow!

GWIG can help with your referral marketing strategy. Contact us for a free one-on-one web conference to see how you can start increasing your referrals.

The holidays are right around the corner; a time when consumers are in generally high spirits and willing to spend more. That makes this a perfect time to implement a holiday referral marketing program for your business if you haven’t already!

Here are our tips for getting the most out of your holiday referral marketing strategy:

Offer Incentives

Whether it’s a holiday party for your biggest referrers or just a thank you card to let your customers know just how much you appreciate them, it’s important to make an effort to connect with your clientele.

Focus on Word of Mouth

If you’re doing your job right, you can turn your customers into your biggest brand advocates. Think about the last time you used a really great product or received stellar customer service. What was the first thing you did? You told everyone about it so they could share your experience! It works the same way when you’re on the other side of the equation. Give people something (good) to say about you!

Centralize Your Holiday Branding

Keep your holiday branding consistent and on message. Update your website, blog, and social content to reflect the changing season and help keep your business fresh in people’s minds.

Retarget to Previous Users

Now is the perfect time to remarket to users who’ve visited your website or social channels but left without converting. Offer them something new and unique (like a discount or a free consultation) to encourage them to take action and become a loyal customer in the future.

Get a jump start on your referral marketing program with GWIG!

In today’s day and age, technology is taking over. Gone are the days of looking up business information in the Yellowpages; it’s all about Google! Remember your dad having a rolodex of business cards? Totally obsolete now. The technology of today (like GWIG’s referral app) makes it so that you can pass on your business’s information with just the tap of a button! Here’s why you should make the switch to digital business cards.

It’s Way More Convenient

Everyone has a smart phone these days. With apps like GWIG and Evernote (to name a few) easily available (and free!) on Google Play and the App Store, it’s easy to stay connected without trying to keep up with a bunch of pieces of paper. And speaking of paper…

Saving the Environment

When you use a digital business card, you’re eliminating paper waste. Keeping the information online, rather than wasting a piece of paper. Going green has never been so mutually beneficial!

Easier to Track

With GWIG, you can see exactly who’s referring you to people. Unlike previous methods which rely strictly on word of mouth or clients being proactive about naming their referrer, GWIG helps you see exactly how your marketing is doing so that you know where to better distributing your marketing dollars.

Information is Evergreen

Once you’ve shared your information online, it’s always going to be there! No longer will you worry about accidentally leaving your business card in your pockets after your pants go through the wash. Your business’s info is safe & secure in your potential new clients’ inbox.

Questions about how to leverage your business for referral marketing or making the switch to digital business cards? Be sure to contact us today!

Image Source: Local Research

Image Source: Local Research

In theory, ratings and review sites should be a huge benefit for small businesses. Essentially, you’re getting a bunch of exposure online without having to pay for it, or really do any work at all. Positive reviews can be a great help for businesses, but negative reviews can be hugely detrimental to your bottom line. People tend to think of these review sites as being an impartial forum for people to express their opinions, but the reality is “impartiality” rarely has anything to do with it.

Most review sites are out to make money

These sites exist to make money. Many of them employ advertising, and a few pass on the cost to the consumer, but a majority of them make their money by making businesses pay to hide bad reviews. Don’t want to pay up? Some sites, like Yelp, will punish you by making your negative reviews show up higher than the positive ones. So your rating on these sites might not actually reflect the community sentiment of your business.

Anonymity means that anyone can say anything

It’s very hard for these sites to monitor who’s posting what. It would be very easy for a competitor to create a bunch of dummy accounts and spam your review page with negative comments. There’s no way to remove these posts and it can be very hard to prove that they’re coming from a biased source, so your rating just has to live with it.

It’s hard to defend yourself

You can try and refute negative reviews or give your side of the story, but oftentimes, it comes off as overly defensive and people are turned off further. Plus, after reading negative reviews, they’re more inclined to not trust what you’re saying.

Online vengeance is swift and strong

Like in the case of the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion, people use these sites to express opinions that might not have anything to do with your business. People who’ve never been to your business can write whatever they want, whether or not it’s actually related to your products or services.
GWIG bypasses all the negative aspects of review & ratings sites by relying on real life people making honest-to-goodness recommendations to their friends & family. Learn more about “The Happy App” and how it can help you grow your business!

We call GWIG “The Happy App” because it’s fueled completely by referrals from real customers. Unlike arbitrary ratings and review sites, you’re not getting info from random strangers, but rather quality recommendations from people whose opinions you trust and respect.

Here’s what our real customers and subscribers have to say about why they love GWIG & how they drive referrals!

GWIG Makes Referral Marketing Easy

“GWIG makes it easy for my patients to refer me”

-Dr. Alan Glazier

Give People a Reason to Refer You

“We create a family atmosphere with short wait times to drive referrals with GWIG”

-Dr. Darby Chiasson

GWIG Helps Realtors Organize & Track Referrals

“This is perfect for REALTORS! Our whole world is all about referrals!”

– Bryson Neal Lochemes

GWIG Helps Spread the Word About Your Business to Your Customers’ Friends

“To get referrals, create an experience they can share with friends. GWIG helps their friends find you.”

– Dr. Bob Davis

GWIG Complements Your Current Referral Strategy

“Say exceptional customer service, friend staff and short wait times are key to driving referrals. GWIG makes it easy.”

– Dr. Adam Farkus

It’s Easy to Refer Friends With the GWIG App!

“When my friends need a referral for an amazing optometrist, I use GWIG.”

– Duncan Ballard

GWIG Cuts Through the Clutter!

“Awesome app, love being able to refer my favorite places so easily without wading through arbitrary reviews!”

– Chad Hudnall

GWIG is Handy & Easy to Use

“Go Where I Go has been so handy for me! When I meet a new person I can digitally refer my favorite businesses!”

– Bethany McRae

Whether you’re a real estate agent, a doctor, or a massage therapist, you can benefit from GWIG! Learn more about our digital business card app for increasing referrals to your business.


No one knows the power of a positive referral for gaining new business like real estate agents! Many realtors depend on referrals from previous clients to make up their new business. But what can you do to get more referrals and increase your reach as a real estate agent?


Here are 4 tips for building relationships and increasing your referrals:

Build a Positive Relationship with Current Clients

When you’re with clients, try to get a feel for their personality and style for house hunting. Make an effort to get to know them and what they like and dislike, as it adds a personal touch to the whole process. When clients think of you as a friend, they’re more likely to recommend you to other people they know who are in the market for new real estate.

Follow Up with Past Clients

Just because they bought a house doesn’t mean you should cease communication with your past clients! Life can happen quickly, so you never know when someone will be in the market for a new real estate agent. Maybe they have a friend who’s looking to buy or sell property. You want to make sure that your name is the first on their mind when they make a recommendation for a real estate agent! Send a friendly email (not just a “here’s what the market looks like”) inquiring about how they’re settling into their new home or just about life in general! They’ll appreciate the personal touch and might turn into a lead later down the road.

Keep Your ePresence Active

Staying active on your social network, blog, and website is another easy way to keep in touch with past clients and entice new clients to do business with you. When people pick a real estate agent, they look for someone they can trust, and you can bet they’re gauging your personality and trustworthiness based on what content you’re putting out on social media or your website. Staying active online also helps remind past clients of your interaction with them and will make them more likely to recommend you in the future.


If you have a good relationship with your past clients, don’t be afraid to ask them to refer you to friends. Remind them that the best compliment someone can give you as a real estate agent is a referral! Make it easy for them to refer you with a digital business card so they always have your info handy.

GWIG makes it easy for realtors to increase their referrals and maintain contact with past and future clients. Take a free walkthrough today & see how GWIG can help grow your business!

Many medical practices rely on referrals from current patients and other doctors in order to increase their patient list and be successful. But simply waiting for others to refer you might not be enough to maintain an active client roster. Below, we answer the most common questions & oppositions to starting a referral marketing program:

-referral marketing docs

I Already Get Many Referrals; I Don’t Need to Spend Time Finding More

If you think that your practice is doing well enough with customer referrals and that active referral marketing would be a waste of time, think again! Your practice is a business like any other, and it’s important that you’re constantly thinking of the future. Employ a systematic method to identify, build, and maintain relationships with prospective referrals and referrers within your current customer list.

How Will I Find The Time?

The traditional healthcare referral environment has gone through a complete overhaul in recent years. Doctors are too busy to find and maintain relationships with hundreds of referral contacts and also provide a high quality of service. With patient referral marketing services like GWIG, doctors don’t need to go out of their way to encourage their current patients to refer new clients. Provide a quality, personable service and offer some sort of incentive to your patients for referring you and then watch the new business come rolling in!

What are the Benefits of Referral Marketing?

First of all, you’ll save time (and money) on your marketing efforts, because you’ve turned your patients into your street team. They can market you to their network of friends and family with better results than you’d likely get on your own. Plus, customers who are referred from sources they respect are more likely to come into your practice with a positive outlook and connotation associated with you, making it more likely for them to have a positive experience and then refer you to their own networks.

What Can I Do to Encourage Patients to Refer Me?

Show them why you deserve to be referred, and then offer them an incentive to do so, like a coupon or discount, or even a handwritten thank you note. Using an app like GWIG will also make it even easier for them to complete the process of referring you, making them that much more likely to do so.

Questions? We’re happy to help! Contact us for a free, personal walkthrough of GWIG & start building your new business!