1. What’s a GWIG?

GWIG, which stands for Go Where I Go, is both a noun and a verb.

Noun: As a noun, a GWIG is a digital referral for a business’ contact information. Consequently, it can be likened to a digital business card.

Verb: As a verb, GWIGing is the process of sending pertinent business information to a friend to make it easy for them to get to your favorite business. For example, “I have a great business to refer. Let me GWIG it to you.” Or “I’ll GWIG it to you.” Soon you’ll hear your friends asking, “Can you GWIG me that business’ information?”

2. Can I refer in any city in the United States?

Of course! GWIG utilizes Google Places, so you can GWIG any business in the U.S. that is listed through Google Places. Before sending a GWIG, ensure your geo-location matches or is near the same location of the business you want to GWIG to ensure accurate search information.

3. Does my friend have to be a GWIG user also to accept a GWIG?

No. Only the person sending the GWIG has to have the app because GWIGs are sent through email.

4. Do I have to login to refer a business through GWIG?

Yes. We encourage you to try the app this way to see how easy it is to use!

5. Do I have to use my Facebook login?

Facebook signup is not required. However, Facebook integration is an easy way to populate your application with your friends and frequent contacts.

6. Does a business know if I’ve referred or received a GWIG?

Only subscriber businesses will have visibility to referral activity. These businesses can see that you have sent a GWIG, but they cannot see who received the GWIG. This simple step prevents businesses from spamming your friends. The subscribing businesses cannot reach out to the person who received the GWIG until that person agrees to be contacted.

7. As a GWIG user, will I be susceptible to receiving spam from businesses?

Absolutely not! A subscribing business cannot reach out to a person who receives a GWIG until that person agrees to be contacted.

8. Are there rewards for referring?

The decision to reward customers is ultimately at the discretion of the subscribing businesses. Yet, GWIG does encourage subscribing businesses to reward loyal customers because identifying, engaging and rewarding customer loyalty are the exact principles GWIG was built upon. Subscribing businesses will receive information about creating and managing loyalty programs from the GWIG staff, as well as other small businesses from around the country. We encourage you to GWIG your favorite businesses as much as possible so you can be eligible for all loyalty programs available to you.

9. How do I know if a business is a subscriber?

One of the easiest ways to tell if a business is a subscriber is if the business logo is included with their information on the GWIG app. All businesses have a blue avatar as a picture to begin with, but only subscribing businesses have the ability to change it to their logo. Look to see if the business includes the GWIG logo on their website, advertising or social media accounts. Once a business subscribes to GWIG, they are given access to the GWIG logo to include and promote in their marketing initiatives.

10. Should I upload a photo to my account?

Yes. We encourage GWIG users to do this because it helps subscribing businesses to know who their loyal customers are!

11. How much does it cost to refer a business through GWIG?

Absolutely nothing. Referring a business through word-of-mouth is free, and so is GWIG.

12. Is the GWIG app available through both iOS and Android devices?

Of course! GWIG has a native app for both iOS and Android devices.

13. Can I use GWIG on laptop or desktop?

Yes. Once you download the app to your phone and integrate with Facebook and/or your phone contacts, all information will be saved on the web version, as well.

14. Will my phone and/or Facebook contacts update on web version?

Yes. And, as an extra tip: download the native app first on your iOS or Android device and choose to integrate with Facebook. Your contacts will automatically be on the web version when you create an account this way. If you download the app on your computer first, your phone contacts will not sync automatically. They will have to be entered into the app manually.

15. I’m having trouble loading GWIG on my computer, what should I do? 

GWIG runs best on the most updated web browser platforms. Check to make sure yours is the most updated version of the program you have. If the problem persists, please contact our support staff at info@gwig.com.

16. What is the best way to search for a business I am looking for?

Include as many key words in a business’ name as possible when you are searching to ensure the correct one will be in your top results. Also, if you are searching for a business that is not in your immediate location, include the city in which the business is located in your search line for optimal results.


1. Why GWIG?

Word-of-mouth referrals are vital for business growth, and now there’s an app for that! Think of GWIG as your business card in every one of your customers’ pockets. Also, you can track all of your referrals and marketing initiatives in the easy-to-use dashboard analytics feature.

2. What do I get access to as a subscribing business?

First and foremost, you get access to a personalized GWIG subscriber dashboard for your business. This dashboard gives you visibility and analytics to referrals happening in real time, referrals waiting to be completed, a list of all your GWIG referral sources  and the ability to track manually added marketing initiatives outside of GWIG referrals, such as advertising or sponsorships.. You can also use the dashboard to track referrals for any loyalty program you execute at your business.

3. Can I refer other business contact information with my business account?

All GWIGs must be sent from a personal account. We built GWIG this way so businesses cannot spam individuals. If you are a business that would like to make a business-to-business referral you must use your personal GWIG account to complete the referral.

4. What businesses are searchable in the GWIG application?

Every single business that has a Google Places page is searchable through GWIG.

5. What if my information is not up to date in GWIG?

GWIG pulls your business information from Google Places. So, if your information is outdated or incorrect, you must correct it through Google Places.

To complete the update, log into your Google Places page and update your business information there. Most information will update within a few hours, but depending upon which Google Places dashboard you are using, it may take up to two weeks to update.

6. Are the referrals I receive good leads?

The referrals you receive on GWIG are from your customers. We encourage you to respond to them just as if they were calling on the phone or sending an inquiry email. If you determine the referral is not a sufficient lead, just press delete, and it will be removed from your dashboard. In addition, it will no longer appear in your analytics results.

7. Can I delete a referral?

Yes! If you delete a referral from your dashboard, it will no longer appear in your analytics results. However, if you delete by accident, you can manually add a referral.

8. Can I track all of my marketing initiatives in the GWIG dashboard?

Yes! GWIG is an easy-to-use tracking tool for any marketing initiative. Enter your marketing activity as a referrer. For example: Newspaper ad February. Track the success of the ad by entering any new customer that mentions the ad or comes to your business as a result of seeing the ad. At the end of your campaign, check your dashboard for the number of referrals that came in from that ad. This information will help you make a decision when you need to decide if you want to repeat a marketing initiative.

9. Can I subscribe to GWIG if I don’t have a thank you or loyalty program for referrals already in place?

You do not have to have a standing loyalty program in place to subscribe to GWIG. But we encourage you to start one after subscribing to GWIG because thanking your loyal customers for their referrals is a successful business strategy.

10. Do you have suggestions for thank you programs?

Absolutely! Our GWIG quarterly e-newsletters for subscribing businesses contain examples of loyalty programs from different small businesses around the country. We encourage you to choose your favorite and make it your own!

11. Can the company GWIG see my information?

GWIG cannot see your business’ individual information such as names of people being referred, your top referrers or your marketing initiative tracking.

12. Who receives access to my account after I subscribe?

The administrator of an account receives access.

13. If I terminate my GWIG account, does my information continue to save?

Your unique user number will continue to exist as users are referring your business. The data in your dashboard will be from ‘active’ subscription times only. Upon re-activation of an old account, the information displayed in your dashboard will be data recorded in real-time.

14. What features will you release in your upcoming versions?

We are excited about our 1.0, and we will be looking to garner feedback from users for consideration in future versions. Please send any suggestions to: info@GWIG.com. Future releases will be able to be previewed by all of our subscriber businesses.

15. What if I have suggestions for an improved GWIG account?

Thank you for thinking about the future of GWIG! We want to hear all suggestions you have to offer. Please send them to info@GWIG.com.

16. Why are there no reviews of businesses on GWIG?

Reviews are subjective, with most coming from anonymous sources. Many business owners feel that reviews are often negative and inaccurate. GWIG makes those subjective reviews obsolete by only focusing on referrals for products or services by people you know and trust. That’s why we are called the HAPPY APP.

17. Why are there no ratings of businesses on GWIG?

Ratings are arbitrary. What does a three-star rating really mean? How do you know if your opinion of a three-star rating is the equivalent to that of someone else’s? You don’t. By default, a referral is equal to a five-star rating because it comes from a trusted source. Also, GWIG is one-sixth the cost of the popular ratings software companies.

18. Why is GWIG so awesome?

Simply put, GWIG was built by small business owners for small business owners. We built GWIG out of frustration from the lack of available small business marketing resources in the market place. We knew that users and business owners were distrusting reviews and ratings, and there needed to be an easy software application to track referrals, as well as all marketing initiatives. We knew we wanted our business card in every one of our customers’ pockets. So, instead of waiting for someone else to do it, we did it ourselves. We created GWIG so you can say Go Where I Go with the click of a button.