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GWIG Gives Back.

GWIG Gives Back is a charitable program designed to support qualified, nonprofit organizations by providing funding to fuel positive change in local communities.

Sharing feels good.

When members and friends of a nonprofit organization subscribe to GWIG using an organization’s unique identifier code, GWIG will make a $60 donation to that organization for each paid annual subscription.

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GWIG works to provide financial support to all qualifying 501 nonprofits that encourage their members and friends who are business owners to become business subscribers of GWIG. Participating nonprofit organizations can register by completing and returning a GWIG Gives Back Registration Form to nonprofit@gwig.com

GWIG Gives Back Registration Form

No ratings. No reviews. Just referrals.

Ratings are arbitrary. Reviews are from strangers. But, referrals grow your business. GWIG is built around the simple logic that the best way to grow any business is word-of-mouth referrals. No more negative reviews – just referrals from happy customers.

Receive Valuable Referrals

When your customers use GWIG to refer your business, you will have activated your most trusted sales force; your happy customers. GWIG connects you directly with valuable referrals without negative reviews, unwanted spam or expensive advertising.

Leverage referral data for business insights

Do you know who refers your business the most? Do you know the ROI for your last marketing initiative? No? Well, you can now. GWIG shows you who and where your referrals come from. Use the GWIG referral dashboard to track your referrals and reward your loyal customers.

Help your friends discover the businesses you love and they need.

Have a friend in need of a business referral? Know someone who’s new to town and in need of a kid-friendly business? Connect your friends with businesses you know and they’ll love. The GWIG app allows you to send a digital business card, with contact information and a map location, from the businesses you trust to your friends without spam, ads, or ratings and reviews from strangers.

Find the businesses your friends love using GWIG as a smart rolodex.

Not sure where to go for a new business? GWIG is your personal file of all your favorite and reliable businesses’ contact information. Search for businesses by category, location or your trusted friends’ favorites. Use the GWIG app to check your friends’ referrals, and let them say “Go Where I Go.”

Earn recognition for your referrals and help the businesses you love.

Are you a known VIP at the businesses you love? Businesses who subscribe to GWIG can see which GWIG users are referring them to new customers. By referring subscribed businesses through GWIG, now you can be recognized for giving a word-of-mouth referral for the business.

The process of making a referral just got better

You need a fast, convenient and rewarding way to refer your favorite business to a friend.

You use the GWIG mobile app to refer the business by accessing your contacts and Google Places. Then simply search and share a business’ contact information.

Your friend receives a simple email including the business’ contact information and the option to be contacted by the business.

By using GWIG to refer the business you love, the business is able to see your referrals. The business recognizes you as a frequent referrer and rewards you through a loyalty program.

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