Go Where I Go

Recommendations from friends, not strangers.

You have a friend who needs a referral for a business. And, you have the perfect one to share.

In a world where searching for a new business is confusing and backwards, we all know that the best recommendation comes from a trusted personal contact.
  • How can we quickly send helpful business information to our friends?
  • How can we finally be recognized by the businesses we love for the word-of-mouth referrals we make?

Send your referral via GWIG.

Send business information the fastest and most simple way possible. With your GWIG app, you are able to access your favorite businesses’ contact information and your contacts to quickly help your friend “Go Where I Go”.
  • GWIG saves your favorite businesses in your personal smart rolodex – finding and sending this information to your contacts can be done through one easy step with your GWIG mobile app.

Your friend receives the GWIG.

Imagine referring your favorite business to a friend, and having confidence that your friend is one click away from being in touch with a great business they need.
  • You’ll have confidence that your personal contact will be sent an email with the business’ Google Places profile information, without spam, ads or reviews from strangers.
  • Your friend will be able to designate whether they would like the business to reach out to them and how – saving time and effort.

The business is notified of your referral, and you are recognized.

Finally, a way to be recognized for the word-of-mouth referrals you make every day.  Businesses showcase their rewards programs on the GWIG business profile.
  • Earn rewards
  • Strengthened relationship with the business